Pumps for SK type engines

Pumps for SK type engines
Manufacturer: rovatti
Model: D110.SK
product Description


These pumps are designed and manufactured in order to drive the pump on a petrol engine, or on an electric one for a wide range of consumers. In agriculture, they are used for pressure irrigation systems, and on farms where high pressure volume water pumps are required. Connected to engines with a certain power and speed, through shaft seal or a universal joint to prevent shaft displacement. Also used for static or mobile installations, bulk transportations, water supply, mining, firefighting purposes, very useful in snowmaking.

Construction and principle of operation

It’s a multi-stage pump with a horizontal shaft. The hydraulic parts are made as castings from high quality cast iron. The rotor is also made of cast iron, which is easily can be dismantled. The pump has cord shaft seal. The seal sleeve prevents excessive wear on shafts. The shaft is supported on ball bearings in an oil lubrication and ended with a key for coupling with the engine. The entire pump is installed at the base of the pumping frame. Also available the pumps with the same parameters, but installed directly on the clutch housing according to SAE standards.

Wysokość podnoszenia [m]:10 - 200
Wydajność [m3/h]:0 - 270


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